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Better Sex starts with Education… You are about to see information you wish you already knew… Get ready to change everything…

Question: What was your sex education like back in school?

Were you given a quick talk and shown a couple of diagrams in a text book?

Did you get to watch 2 animals making out in some yonks old film?

Perhaps if you were really lucky and you had a more modern thinking tutor. They gave you a demo on how to put a condom on… using a banana!

This left a bit of a crappy legacy for young men. When it comes to pleasing a woman, and having great sex, we either got lucky, or we’re still pretty clueless. We *think* we know what they like, and what drives them crazy. But do we really??? Or could we get much, much better in the sack?

Imagine what your love life would have rolled like back in the day, if two hot girls, not afraid to get naked, sat down with you, and taught you all about great sex? They made you a ‘master’ of touch, Eros himself, king of giving girls massive multiple orgasms.

Can You Really Learn To Be Good In Bed?


Excuse my passion, but over the past few years I’ve been teaching sexual advice to literally tens of thousands of men.

I know not only from my own experience, but others’ as well, that learning how to improve your sexual skills is more than possible.

It does NOT take “natural talent”, having a big penis, lasting for hours in bed or even being with a woman who naturally orgasms at the drop of a hat.

It takes learning a few simple techniques and strategies for triggering intense sexual pleasure in a woman.

And having built up a wealth of knowledge in this area that no-one else is teaching, I decided to create my own training program for men called the Female Pleasure Guru


The Female Pleasure Guru is the ultimate men’s guide on how to give a woman multiple intense orgasms and become the kind of lover a woman never forgets.

And let me tell you… the knowledge inside this guide has the power to change your life… forever.

Just check this out…

Here’s A Small Sample Of What You’ll Learn In The Female Pleasure Guru…

  • What to do during sex to give your woman such intense multiple orgasms that she’ll become sexually addicted to you.
  • How to get her to experience a squirting orgasm like you’ve never seen before… Be prepared to change the sheets and even air out your mattress after using this technique!
  • A grand total of 9 different types of female orgasm and exactly how to make them happen.
  • 4 special G-Spot sex positions that she is guaranteed to love!
  • The key indicators to watch out for to know if your woman has faked her orgasm and what to do about it if she has.
  • The 4 fundamental orgasm types, which include the Clitoral, Vaginal, G-Spot and Anal orgasms.  Plus I’ll show you multiple fingering, oral sex, sex positions and intercourse techniques to make each orgasm type happen with an almost shocking consistency.
  • The power of creating “Sexual Tension” to get her to quiver in anticipation for you to initiate sex… And then when you finally do give it to her… Get her to orgasm within seconds of you putting it in.
  • Common misconceptions about male hygiene that can easily be corrected. (But if left alone could be the sole reason stopping her from wanting to have sex with you.)
  • A whole section of the guide dedicated to “Advanced Sexual Techniques” where you’ll learn 5 exceptionally pleasurable advanced orgasms you can give a woman, including “Mixed”, “Multiple”, “Perpetual”, “Shared” and “Squirting” orgasms… This is the kind of stuff that raises you to “Sex-God status” in the eyes of your woman, because this is rare knowledge you won’t find in any men’s magazines, free websites or other sex guides, so no other guy uses these techniques.
  • The truth about premature ejaculation and the approach I personally used to learn to last significantly longer in bed.
  • My special sexual persuasion technique that’ll help you get even the shyest woman to do things that would make her ex-boyfriend GASP – from blowjobs to anal sex to threesomes… Don’t attempt to convince your woman of trying any of them until you know this.
  • The step-by-step system for giving a woman an orgasm through anal sex so she’ll want to have it over and over again.
  • A cunning method for completely eliminating foreplay when you just feel like having sex. (But will still keep her dripping wet for you)
  • What to do if you struggle to keep an erection during sex and some simple approaches to fixing it.
  • A counter-intuitive method for deepening the emotional bond you experience during sex to get her to associate massive pleasure to being intimate with you.
  • How to read a woman’s mind during sex so you can pinpoint exactly what drives her wild and use it to rapidly bring her to orgasm. (By the way multiple studies have shown that men are instinctively terrible at understanding when a woman is actually experiencing pleasure, and will often think they’ve satisfied their woman… When she is in fact only faking her satisfaction.  This section of the guide will make sure you never have to be one of those guys.)
  • 3 powerful oral sex methods that will leave her screaming your name with pleasure.
  • How to get her to develop a deep sense of trust in you to break down any resistance she has so she can experience levels of sexual pleasure with you like never before.
  • The TRUTH about penis size and how to become an unforgettable lover, even if you’re less than “fully-equipped” down there.
  • The absolute essentials for adding variety in a sexual relationship to prevent sex from going stale. Which, by the way, is of paramount importance if you want to make sure she doesn’t cheat on you.
  • How to become dominant in bed so she submits to you in orgasm.  If think of yourself as a “shy guy” or just someone who could be more dominant in bed you must read this.
  • Exactly where to touch her and when during foreplay to have her begging for you to put it in.
  • How to give her the jaw-dropping “Perpetual Orgasm” that can last for over 20 minutes! Just to let you know… she might not be able to walk properly for a few hours after this!
  • Much, MUCH more


And Put These Female Pleasure Techniques to Use TONIGHT!!



Watch 2 Girls Teach You Sex (Adults Only – Watch In The Privacy of Your Home)



In the video above learn exactly how you can give ANY woman an intense multiple orgasm by following my simple 4 step formula.  Be sure to pay close attention, because included in this formula is also a unique sex position that stimulates both her Clitoris and G-Spot at the same time – and is something women absolutely love.  And make sure you stick thru the video until the end, because I’ve got a cool surprise for you!